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Ricoh MP-307SFP Color Laser Printer, Multi-functional

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function: printer, copy, fax, scan to e-mail or folder
language: Adobe(TM) PostScript(TM) Level 3
resolution: 600 dpi
color: cymk toner
technology: laser printer
price per page: < 0.10 €
PC driver Cups: Ricoh MP-C400 PXL
PC driver Windows: Ricoh SP-C430 PS
copies per minute: 30
duplex: yes
paper format: A4
- paper A4 white (80g/m²): DESY-Lager No. 71772
- paper A4 white (90g/m²): DESY-Lager No. 71783
- toner black DESY-Lager No. 72162
- toner yellow DESY-Lager No. 72163
- toner magenta DESY-Lager No. 72164
- toner cyan DESY-Lager No. 72165

Note: the printers of Ricoh, Konica, Tektronix and Xerox have different results in the color expression

For more details you may look directly by Ricoh
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