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HP LaserJet 5200DTN Printer

[Printer photo]
language: PostScript Level 2 and 3
resolution: 600/1200 dpi
color: black toner
technology: laser printer
price per page: < 0.10 € by DIN-A3 and 0.05 € by DIN-A4
PC driver: HP LaserJet 5000 PS
copies per minute: 35
duplex: yes
paper format: A3 and A4
input trays: two
- toner: Type: Q7516A (oder from HP)
- paper A4 environment: DESY-Lager No. 71769
- paper A4 white: DESY-Lager No. 71772
- paper A3 white: DESY-Lager No. 71757
- paper A4 green: DESY-Lager No. 71768

For more details you may look directly by HP.
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