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Talks, Contributions to Conferences, and Publications

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Talks, Contributions 1997-2003

Talks, Contributions 2004

Upcoming Events 2005

HEPiX Spring 2005, 09 - 13 May, Karlsruhe, Germany


Contents 2004/2005


CHEP Contributions

The Conference on Computing in High Energy Physics covers the broad scope of HEP computing and brings together the computing professionels and represantatives of HEP experiments. This collection of DESY contributions to past CHEP conferences is still incomplete. Since some of the older conference web server are going offline, these are mostly local copies.


Computing in High Energy Physics (Seminare Datenverarbeitung in der Hochenergiephysik )




HEPIX-HEPXP Contributions

HEPiX-HEPXP is the group of UNIX/WXP users in the High Energy Physics community. They hold meetings twice a year since 1991. Copies of the transparencies are available since about 1995 and the DESY contributions which could still be retrieved in 1999 have been collected here, mostly as local copies of PostScript slides. Some of them are available in webified PowerPoint format only and have been referenced to the original web sources. Please inform us if you find that one of the links is gone or broken.


HEPiX May 2005, 9- 13, Karlsruhe, Germany



IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)




April 2005, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory , TIER 1 + 2 Center, UK


Zeus Collaboration Meeting



Further Presentations

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